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One of the first things that you see when you enter Crystal Vision is a 7ft pyramid that invites you to sit beneath it and experience the energy as you re-energize. The energy in the store makes it an irresistibly inviting oasis from the daily bombardment of life’s stresses. The revitalizing aroma of essential oils and incense waft through the air as many geodes and crystals catch and reflect the sunlight that floods the octagonal shop. It is here that you will be greeted by Gene’s friendly smile as he invites you to experience Crystal Vision’s “Salt Mine”. In this section of the store you will discover the beauty and healing properties of salt (halite) mined from Wieliczka, Poland for the past 700 years! Come in and allow yourself to become lost in all the treasures that the store has to offer.
3160 Stirling Rd. Hollywood, FL 33021