I am one of the owners, directors and founders of Crystal Vision and Loving Touch Center. In the early 1970’s I began a search to fulfill an undefinable void in my life. The path I chose to follow led me to numerous amazing teachers in the Metaphysical World. They reawakened in me many things that I had forgotten I knew. So began my search to find out “Who I Was” which led me to “Who I Am”. In 1985 I began my Reiki training under the tutelage of a Tibetan Monk named Don Alexander. During 1987-1988,  I completed my training as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. I then completed my Reiki Master Training with Dr. Arthur Robertson in February  1990. Reiki created a wonderful change in my life. Each healing I participated in strengthened my conviction to go further. It is my pleasure to teach and guide you in the use of the Reiki Healing process, so that you may become effective in healing yourself and others. It will be my honor to train you as a Loving Touch Center Practitioner. 

                                                   You are Always in My Heart 
                                              Touch Lovingly,
                                             Reiki Master Myrna
A personal note from Myrna.......

River of Dreams
Fireflies on the Ichetucknee 

"Night settles in and the fireflies begin their flickering dance in the woods. Rising at my feet, the endless gushing waters of a living planet complete the seduction. Once again, the river affirms that magic still happens in the dark."

John Moran (Florida Nature Photography)

            Myrna Farbiash
Traditional Reiki Master Teacher
Crystal Vision & Loving Touch Center
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Loving Touch Center is founded on the principles of honor and respect for the integrity of each human being with the acknowledgemnt that reall wellness arises from full integration of mind, body, and spirit.
   Our Mission Statement
Two Day 
Certified Training Seminar

Reiki is an ancient Oriental healing technique. It’s purpose is to create inner peace, balance, and harmony. It is easy to learn and use. We provide an atmosphere of unconditional, nonjudgmental love, and a safe secure environment in which to discover your 
inner truth. 

Self– Empowered 
Two Day 
Certified Training Seminar 
Advanced Practitioner 

This course is recommended for the serious practitioner who wants to take themselves and their  practice to a higher level of awareness and healing. You can also receive additional symbols. Our AP class gives you special skills and techniques using Reiki to manifest your desires and abundance.
Pre-requisite for L.T.C. Master Program.

Two Day Certified 
       Training Seminar
Bring yourself to a Higher Level of Awareness!
Our Reiki II offers you the opportunity for continued growth within the Universal Life Force Energy. At this level you will learn the sacred symbols and how to use them. You will be taught techniques for Long Distance Healing and that of healing your inner child. The added attunements along with the knowledge to use and focus the symbols will allow you to fine tune the energy and bring you to a higher level of awareness!
Loving Touch Center International School of Traditional Reiki