Loving Touch Center International School of Traditional Usui Reiki

Often on the journey of self discovery you must create a trail that was once not there, it is so important for us to have self discovery through like-minded people, teachers, classes, courses, certifications, and community centers that build one another up towards their goals and dreams. 

As a school, Loving Touch Center teaches Reiki, a hands-on healing energy. It is a powerful yet gentle energy that is emitted from the Universe, through a practitioner’s hands to a recipient. Reiki is holistic and addresses an individual on many levels, creating good health physically, mentally and emotionally. Loving Touch Center is a place for learning, healing and transformation. 

Loving Touch Center is more than a school. We are a family

We provide our students with an atmosphere of unconditional, non-judgmental love in a safe and secure place where everyone can address their issues. We also provide loving support in their personal growth and their Reiki practice.

Loving Touch Center also teaches the philosophy of metaphysics and we give you extra tools for self-empowerment and for finding your own answers.

Loving Touch Center was recognized by the Supreme Court, Board of Education and The Attorney General in the state of New York as an Interfaith Ministry. Our ministry is not religious in nature, but is a spiritual discipline. As such we are able to minister Reiki to our students and clients in hospitals or other institutions. Since we ordain our ministers as Ministers of Spiritual Healing, which is how we perceive the Reiki energy, only our own Loving Touch Center graduates are eligible for our ministry.

Our Reiki Certification Courses

The LTC Reiki Program is unique because it is not just about the Reiki…  Founder Myrna Farbiash had extensive training and certifications in a wide array of healing modalities as well as hypnotherapy. When the LTC courses were developed, the curriculum and experience was tailored to the idea that if a collective healing occurs within the group and individual student allowing them to heal a past trauma or an aspect of themselves, then it will allow for a clearer channel and most of all, allow the student to hold more light. These classes require you to look within, and with the guided assistants of our Reiki Master Teachers, bring those issues to the light so they may be healed.

Reiki Level I


Loving Touch Center, Reiki Level I is all about trust and faith. The Reiki I journey opens you up, raises your vibration and connects you with Universal Life Force Energy.  In the first level of Reiki you will become attuned to the Reiki energy and become a channel.  Becoming a channel for this energy will help you release stress and tension for yourself and others. You will learn hot to access your Higher Self for your own guidance and clarity. 

In each level of Reiki, it is not about just becoming a Reiki Practitioner, it is about connecting to your light and learning how to heal yourself.  Each Level of Reiki is tailored towards a collective healing; whether Individually and/or collectively, a healing will occur.  This healing, the light brought to the darkness allows you, as a channel to hold more light.  It is the first step of many on the path of purpose.

At the end of this 2-day certification class, you be certified as a LTC Reiki practitioner, you will learn the history of Reiki, Hand Positions, how to give Reiki treatments to yourself, chair and table Reiki treatments for others and how this ancient energy works with you and for you.


Reiki Level II


In Reiki I you have been attuned to the frequency or Reiki… your meridians have been opened and leveled up and the channel (your golden mesh tube) within you has been fortified.  In Reiki II we teach you how to focus that energy to do specific things. You will learn four powerful Reiki symbols and different combinations for specific ailments. Symbols are tools that allow you to: focus energy to empower, protect and break through blockages, enhance and support mental and emotional balance, and send distance healing. Distance Healing is perhaps one of the most profound tools we learn within these classes.  Whether they are right in front of you or 1,000’s of miles away separated by land and sea – with distance healing it is as if you are right there with them.


As with our other levels, this class too goes beyond just learning Reiki to be a practitioner and we focus on an aspect of yourself to heal, your inner child.  Through a carefully crafted guided meditation and accompanying exercises we will take you on a journey to heal a part of your inner child and integrate back in that lost part of soul.  Furthermore, giving you the knowledge and direction on how to continue to do this with all other “ages” of your inner child that need this healing.


Our 2-day Reiki II certification courses is one of the most profound practitioner courses that helps you heal past wounds that may have been preventing you from moving forward in certain areas of your life.


Reiki Advanced Practitioner (Level III)


This is where your path to mastery truly begins and prepares you for your journey to become a Reiki Master. Our Advanced Practitioner Class is all about wielding the energy and tools you have been given to manifest and ultimately create the reality you desire. This practitioner’s course will teach you how to develop higher levels of mind-body awareness, how to understand the foundational cause of “dis-ease” and how to maximize your potential as a healer.


Our most powerful manifesting tool is our heart and the feelings and emotions we emit from it – This course revolves around that frequency – the energy of the heart. Students will be taught how to give a heart blessing and we will introduce 2 new powerful symbols, one of which is used in the heart blessing. With these new symbols you will learn how to release infection, promote growth, enhance mental / emotional clarity and encourage love.


Reiki Master 


The focus of this class is dually divided between the student’s personal and professional growth.  The program is devised to help the student emerge as a balanced Reiki Healing Facilitator and most importantly to Master themselves. This program is a two (2) month intensive course that prepares the student to move forward in life as a Master Practitioner. Each graduating student will be attuned to the Master Level Energy.

**To be eligible for this class you must have taken LTC’s R I, II & AP classes.


LTC Reiki Master Teacher Program


Our Reiki Master Teacher Program, in combination with our new Reiki Master Practitioner program, is a very intensive one year Master Teacher Program. A commitment to personal and professional growth is required. In this class you will develop skills as a teacher and workshop leader. You will be required to intern in a minimum of 5 Reiki I classes, 4 Reiki II Classes and 3 Advanced Practitioner classes.  Once all required interning levels or reiki (I, II and III) have been completed, you will then go through the Reiki Master class a second time, as a teaching intern where you will be given the Master Attunement, participate in attuning the New Reiki Master Students and Graduate as a LTC Reiki Master Teacher.

**This intensive class requires a strong commitment to Reiki.


Our Mission Statement

Loving Touch Center is founded on the principles of honor and respect for the integrity of each human being with the acknowledgment that real wellness arises from full integration of mind, body and spirit.

Meet our Founders


Myrna was involved in helping, healing and teaching people how to improve and take responsibility for their lives since 1970. She incorporated a variety of techniques in her healing practice.


She was a traditional Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, Lecturer and Teacher. Myrna graduated the Silva Mind Control and Avatar program. She was a certified Hypnotherapist, Crystal Healer and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing. Myrna was also a Counselor for Emotional Release Work, Charka Balancing, and Inner Child Work. She believed that healing is a partnership. She prided herself on guiding students and clients through their healing process. Our beloved founders Myrna and Gene ran and operated Crystal Vision in Hollywood, Florida.  The legacy that they have created lives on through her grand daughter Stephanie and husband Anthony, who continue to carry the torch and cultivate the light they sparked so many years ago. 


Samuel is an Independent Traditional Reiki Master / Teacher, Interfaith Minister, Clinical  Hypnotherapist,  Master Teacher of Magnified Healing and a Gifted Psychic. He has shared some of his innovative work in Past Life Regression, with his students, “Change the Past and you will Change the Future”, as well  as in his one day seminar Awareness and Beyond*.

Samuel shares channeled information on his 5 Step holistic  healing process. He is a Master Teacher and has helped thousands of people around the world both in large groups and  on an individual basis. He returned to the path in the early 70’s and has been  involved in the world of Mind, Body Spirit Healing ever since. He is a nationally known teacher lecturer and author and has been interviewed on national television and radio.

Loving Touch Center Reiki Lineage

The Three Grandmasters of Reiki  and the masters that follow in our school lineage.
Grandmaster Master Mikao Usui – 1865 to 1925. Credited with the rediscovery of Reiki

Grandmaster Dr. Chujiro Hiyashi – 1873 to 1941. Instituted the three levels of teaching Reiki

Grandmaster Madame Hawayo Takata – 1900 to 1980. Lived and healed in Hawaii for many years. She began to train Reiki Masters at the age of 73. Upon her death, she left 22 masters in the USA and Canada.

Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro. Elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher in 1973 by Madame Takata, lived on the island of Hawaii for many years before moving to California. Transitioned on June 7, 1986

Reiki Master Dr. Arthur Robertson. Elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher in 1983 by Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro. He transitioned March, 2001

Reiki Master Rev. Samuel Strauss.Was elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher Feb. 27, 1990 by Reiki Master Dr. Arthur Robertson. He taught his first class D.B.A. Loving Touch Center on March 18, 1990. Incorporated LTC (school and ministry) on June 14, 1991.