Energy is everything

Have you ever entered a room or stepped into a space and thought to yourself, wow this place feels great? Not only do we specialize in crystals, but we are masters at creating energetic environments.

With your vision + our expertise we will create the space you have always desired

Are you ready to have your home or business transformed? We can never stress enough how important it is to have proper energetic flow in your space. When your space is properly cultivated to allow the energy to flow freely it not only brightens the space in an energetic sense, but it leaves you as well as the people who visit that space feeling good.


Wether you want to create peace & harmony in your home while also protecting from unwanted negative energy, or you would like to call forth the energy of abundance for your business to attract the customers or the clientele you are looking for the Crystal Vision Team has you covered.


We will come out to your space and evaluate the energy that is currently there while working one-on-one with you to design you ideal energetic space.


We use many different techniques and tools including crystals, water features, feng shui, plants, crystal gridding and more.