Spiritual Counceling with Stephanie

Have you felt the need to spiritually have communication and connection within your passion and purpose, is your intuition talking to you? Spiritual consultations are privately custom designed to your needs whether being spiritual counseling, energetic sessions (chakra, reiki, cleaning and charging), and or messages and confirmation.

When you have a balanced & harmonious energy field, you will attract what you want in your reality.

Spiritual counseling offers clients sessions that focus on the spiritual side of their being. Each session is based on what you need in the present moment.  Stephanie will read your energy and that energy will determine how the session goes.


A Spiritual Counseling at Crystal Vision is  all about accepting that you are an energy being — a being that is much more complicated than just a physical body. Accepting and understanding this, we can then utilize various techniques to restore energy flow to every part of YOU! 

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Picano-Guzman is a spiritual teacher and leader, motivational speaker, second generation owner of Crystal Vision and Director of Loving Touch Center International School of Traditional Reiki. Stephanie has helped grow and thrive our local community through classes, Reiki Circles, community outreach activities, Love and Light conferences, podcast interviews and spiritual vlogs. She not only works with people individually but with small and large businesses to create a more spiritual approach to creating the best version of yourself, team and business relationships. She teaches a practical application of working through one’s higher-self focused on simple principles of happiness, self-love, forgiveness, and a holistic approach to growth and spirituality. Through her Beloved grandparents and directed by the Universe Stephanie started on this journey 18 years ago, and continues to innovate new concepts and ideas into the holistic space.