Psychic Fair Saturday

We will be holding our Psychic Fair Saturday on July 23rd from 11am – 5pm. This event will be in-store and you will need to call ahead to schedule your reading. Readings are $25 for 15 Minutes and $50 for 30 minutes. Spots fill up fast so be sure you don’t miss out on sitting with your favorite reader! Check out our line up below and make sure to call us at the store to secure your session! 954-981-4992.
Hi my name is Joelle DiBenedetto. I am a Reiki healer, a medium, Tarot reader and a spiritual advisor. I realized at a young age that I was blessed with some amazing spiritual gifts. As I began to explore my spirituality I was immediately drawn towards energy work and developing my intuition. As soon as I was exposed to the Tarot cards they quickly resonated with me. I knew this was something I needed to learn. That was 20 years ago.
Logan is a gifted energy, oracle and moonology reader and has been working with the tarot for 10 years. She quickly fell in love when connecting with others to help them find comfort and confirmation. Logan also works with the Angels and will often times call in your guides for assistance during your reading while sharing her knowledge and insights to help you expand and grow.
With 30 years of experience as an energetic healer, psychic medium, clairvoyant, and channel to the spirit world, Marylou has brought intuitive messages and guidance to her clients in both Florida and New York on both an elemental and soulful level. In addition to an established connection to multi-dimensional beings, guides and elders, she has a powerful connection to the beings within the akashic realms, as well as the angelic realms. Marylou’s passion and work is concentrated on her ability to not only energetically connect with your guides and deliver messages pertaining to your souls journey, but also to offer guidance through the various levels of ascension.
Through the Tarot, she connects with the cards for You to reveal notes from Your Past, Present and Future. The process touches on past events familiar to You; You then confirm the accuracy, and move on to the Present, and near Future readings. A reading with Lady Deye is fun and very insightful. Her guidance on your Journey to accomplishing all you Future Goals!
Jeanie Pou is a Clairvoyant Reiki Master that uses her strong connection to the Angelic Realm to channel messages that are for the clients best


Jul 23 2022


11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Crystal Vision and Loving Touch Center
3160 Stirling Road, Hollywood Florida
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